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I have always been passionate about history. As far back as I can remember I have always had a particular interest in family and social history. 


I was a captive audience when family stories were being told and I would sit with rapt attention listening to my mother or my grandfather tell me stories of their childhood. I have been quite lucky because I have grown up knowing a lot about my own family history with stories being passed down through the generations.


This fascination with family stories naturally led me to seek out more information. I wanted to learn as much as I could about family I had never met, but whose DNA I share.


I didn't just want to know birth and marriage dates or where my ancestors were born, I wanted to know how they lived.


I am a professional genealogist and have been researching for a number of years now, and have broken down many walls and my passion for history is still growing.


I will bring that passion to seek out your family's story, and take you on their journey. I will not only seek to find out when or where your ancestors were born, but what they did for a living, what the town or village was like when they lived there, and how they lived. I will introduce you to your ancestors.


Placing your ancestors in a particular time in history will not only bring history to life, but it will also bring you so much closer to your relatives that are no longer here to tell their story.


I have fixed price packages available, and I also offer a bespoke research service.

With the bespoke service, I can delve even deeper into your family's past.



I am a historical transcriber and indexer. I am also an APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) member.



For more information please get in contact with Maxine

at or











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