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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

I have updated the data protection and privacy policy in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to come into effect on 25th May 2018.  


The new regulation is designed to make sure that there is more transparency in how personal data is collected, held and used. It also gives individuals more rights and control over how their data is used.


Data held


Customer's personal information held: name, postal address and email address, Also photographs, information, emails relating to you or your family (for genealogy purposes).


Payment is made through Paypal (a safe method of payment) so you can be assured that I do have not access to your bank details or card details.


Whenever my website is visited a pop-up message appears asking if you are happy to accept cookies. This is to facilitate your experience using the website and you can remove the cookies by accessing your browser's settings.



How your personal data is used


Your personal data is used to communicate with you ie. your email address will be used to send you updates on current research, and also to let you know when your research and/or family tree charts have been dispatched to you.


Your postal address is used to ship your research documents, certificates, family tree charts and binder. I will also use your postal address if you have requested a research form to be posted to you or if you have specifically requested a formal research contract. which requires your approval and signature.


How long your personal data is held for


Your personal data is held for as long as it is necessary to undertake research for you, to complete a family tree chart or any other contract that has been entered into. This includes any transactions left outstanding and for necessary legal or financial purposes which are required when running a business. 


You have the right to request that your personal data is wiped on certain grounds. For more information please refer to the section under the heading 'Your Rights'. I will only hold your personal information for as long as it is necessary and for the purposes as described in the above paragraph.



Protection of your personal data


The protection of your personal data and your privacy is important to me. Your personal data cannot be accessed by anyone else but myself.  I keep your personal data safe by making sure that it is held securely and in line with the latest regulations.


Your personal data will never be passed onto third parties. Your data is held by me and used as is necessary by myself. Your personal data is dealt with appropriately making sure that is used in line with the new regulations.


I will never use your personal data which includes any photographs or information you send to me, on my website, social media accounts or for marketing purposes. Photographs, documents and information I use on my website, social media accounts and for marketing purposes either belong to me or I have been given permission to use. I would only ever use information or photographs I have had express permission to use.



Your rights


The new regulations give individuals more rights over how their personal data is stored, how their data is processed, more controls over how much personal data is held and the right to access the personal data that is held on them.


The new regulations also give the data subject the right to ask for their personal data to be erased 'right to be forgotten' (Under Article 17) on certain grounds.


Such grounds would be if there is no legitimate reason for their personal data to be held anymore. Another such ground would be if it was no longer necessary to hold that data for the purposes that data was collected.


To find out more about your rights and the grounds in which you can request your 'right to be forgotten' please click on the link below.


Your right to request the erasure of your data


You can request to see what personal data is held on you. You also have the right to request for any information be corrected that you find to be incorrect, Not only do you have the right to know what data is held on you but you also have the right to change what information is held or how that information is used. You have control over how that data is used and the data can only be used in line with your consent. It can not be used for any other purposes that have not been consented to.





For more information or to request what personal information is held on you please contact me at 










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