This research package is for anyone who would like to have one family line of their tree researched.



The Family line of your choosing will be researched as far back as it can accurately be researched. I will only present information to you that can be supported with documentation and sources.



What you will receive:



  • Up to 8 BMD certificates

  • Relevant censuses

  • Relevant documents, information, and newspaper articles

  • Reports and charts

  • Ancestors occupations

  • Addresses and places your ancestors lived

  • Advice and tips

  • Images and more

  • A3 family tree chart

  • Flash drive (pre-loaded with all research)

  • Padded Family Tree Binder to hold all the certificates and documentation. Provided with pocket sleeves.   You can choose the colour of your binder when ordering.

 Binder colours : Blue, Green, Black, Burgundy


The padded Family History Binder and the pocket sleeves are specially designed to hold precious family history research.



I will need your parents and grandparents information for the line you would like me to research. Please provide as much information as you can.






If at any time you would like me to do further research for you, please contact me if you would like to upgrade to a two-family line or four-family line research package, You have the choice to upgrade at any time if you wish to.  In the store, I have made it easier to upgrade. Please email me and then choose the package you wish to upgrade to. Please include your Order No. when you pay.





Research time will be dependant on which research package you have ordered, how much information is available and how easy or difficult it is to access that information. Certificates or other documentation will need to be ordered and I will have to wait for them to be delivered as the research progresses.


Delivery of your research bundle could take up to 12 weeks.


This includes research time and waiting for certificates to arrive from the GRO, as well as visiting record offices. In order to do the research accurately, this is the time you are looking at to research one family line.

Deliveries outside the UK will incur an extra cost (the price that it will cost for your research to be delivered to you). This will not apply if you prefer for your research to be emailed to you.


You will receive regular updates by email on progress made. 




Your personal information will be kept safe and will never be passed to a third party. Your address will be used only to ship your research documents, certificates and binder, or to post the research form to you if requested.


Your email address will be used to update you on research progress and to let you know when research has been completed and your research bundle is on it's way to you. 


For more information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.


For more information on how your personal information is used please refer to Data Protection.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to find out any further information. You can either email me at or use the contact form. 











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