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Family History Book

Coming Soon

Book Front Cover (6x9)

There is a choice of two sizes 6x9 or 8x10 There are various colours to choose from - with or without a pattern

Title Page

Your family surname will be added to the front cover and to this page


Information about your family's surname will be added to the beginning of your book

Family Story

Whether you have your research done for you, or your research is already done, all information known will be added to your book

Surname Meaning

Your family's surname meaning will be added to your book

Family Crest Page

Your family's crest will be added, along with the family motto

Family Story

This page is an example of the type of information and images that can be added to your unique family book

The Family History Book is a professionally printed and binded hard backed book. It will be unique to your family. You are given the option of two sizes 6x9 or 8x10. Choosing the larger size is a more expensive option because the printing costs are more.


You also have the option of colours and a choice of having the cover with or without a pattern. Just let me know if you prefer a plain colour cover, either by emailing me or when you make your payment. Along with your order, you have the option of filling in a small brief - letting me know if there is anything you wished added to the book. Maybe you have a favourite photo that you would prefer on the front cover rather than letting me choose.


Please send your files to the email address, once you have made your order. Please quote your order no. and upload all the files, you wish added to your book. These can be photographs, documents, or anything you wish included.. Accepted files - JPG, PNG 




Delivery - The Family History Book is a unique gift and it will take time to add information, formulate charts, reports, add photos, and the design work involved. It will also depend on how much information has been sent to me. The more I have sent to me the less time It will take to put the book together. If you only have a small amount of information and wish me to add more to the book it will take a little longer in research time. 


The book will then be sent to a book publisher to be printed, Once the printed book has been delivered  I will then despatch it to you. This could take up to 35 days. The book publisher allows 20 days (from printing to delivery) This gives you some idea of the time frame.


Please make a note of this before ordering the book as a gift on it's own. Please allow this time when ordering it for a special day.


If you are ordering it with one of the packages or you have ordered the Georgian Package (it comes included) In this case the printed book will be delivered with your family history book binder, along with all your certificates and documents.


As soon as your book has been sent to the book publisher to be printed you will receive an email. You will also receive an email to let you know when your Family History Book is on it's way to you.


If you would like a Family History Book as a gift but you do not have the research already done I also offer research packages. Please take a look at the packages available. You can always add the book to one of the packages, and it will be put together for you and sent with the package of your choice.


A Professionally Bound Family History Book is included with this package

Family History Book

A unique family history book. Great as a gift for family, friends or for yourself



The Family History Book is a custom made book of your family's history. It can be bought as a gift for a friend, family member or for yourself. If you have the research done already but would love to have it presented as a book all you need to do is send documents, scanned digital photos and any information you would like included, by email.


The Family History Book can also be bought with any of the packages. Research that is done on your behalf will be presented as a book. Any additional information, documents or photographs that you want to be included can be sent by email so that they can be added to the book.



Book specifications:


Hard Backed professionally bound book


Two sizes available to choose from:


6x9 inches or 8x10 inches


Various colours available:


Dark Green, Light Green, Red, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Brown, and Latte. 


If you add the Family history Book to any of the packages when ordering, you will get the documents and certificates I obtain, presented to you in a padded binder as well.




Family History Book

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