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Photo Restoration

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          A service we are offering soon.


              Types of restoration:


  •    Creases and scratches erased

  •    Stains removed

  •    Tears and rips repaired

  •    Image cropping

  •    Effects added if requested

  •    Opacity altered if required

  •    Image sharpened

  •    Damage to images repaired

  •    Colour corrections

  •    Image reconstruction

  •    Background changes

  •    Colourisation


There are limitations. Some photos can be difficult to improve upon, for example, if they are so extensively damaged that there is insufficient detail to re-produce a good image. Blurred images can not be restored because there is very little you can do to improve them. An out-of-focus image can not be corrected.


It is surprising what can be done to repair most photos. So don't despair, send an email and we will see what we can do for you. 






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