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Victorian Package - Two Family Lines
  • Victorian Package - Two Family Lines


     A Two Family Line Fixed Priced Package. Included in this package is research of two family lines of your choosing, up to 15 BMD certificates, documents and information found during research. A padded binder is included to hold all your certificates, documents and research. Also included is an A3 family tree chart, reports and flash drive. You can choose the colour binder you wish to receive.

    Colour (Binder)
    • Upgrade Options

      You can upgrade to a different package at any time. Please email or use the contact form.

    • Refund and Cancellation

      You can cancel your package at any time, and you will only pay for the research I have already undertaken, including any documents and certificates purchased on your behalf up to the point of cancellation. You will be refunded the rest. You do not have to buy the binder if you cancel your package and you will be given the option to have this cost refunded as well. I will then send the research I have done for you up to the point of cancellation along with the binder if you have requested to keep it.

    • Deposit Option

      The fixed price packages are designed for people who would like the research, but would prefer to see all the costs upfront. My fixed priced packages are a real bargain! 

      It may be that you would prefer a bespoke service. If you choose custom research I ask for a deposit, and the rest to be paid in full after completion of research. You can pay in full in you prefer. Certificates and travel costs to record offices (if necessary) are the only extra costs.  

      However, if you wish to purchase a fixed price package but you really can not afford to pay in full, please contact me and I will see if I can arrange it with you so that you can pay a deposit,  (this is so that I can begin the research for you). The amount outstanding can then be paid in full upon completion.

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